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New York Statewide Criminal Records

Because of changes dictated by the State legislature, all criminal record checks in New York are conducted on a statewide basis through the Central Office of Court Administration (OCA) criminal record files.

This means is that essentially all felony cases and most misdemeanor cases in the last 20 or so years in most jurisdictions will show up in this search. The searches cover back to September 1976 in the 5-boroughs of NYC and to about 1981 in Nassau and Suffolk counties which cover the Long Island area.

All searches in NY State are priced on a per name basis – hence, if a person has an alias, there is a charge for the extra name search.

This is a major improvement over the prior search method in NY, one of the most populous states in the country, because in the past, all searches had to be conducted on a county-by-county basis.

This state OCA database contains many millions of cases, whereas the so called “NY Statewide criminal” check seen on the Internet only contains about 400,000 names of those sentenced to over 1-year in state prison and does not go back as far as the State search.

Only $85.00 per name for volume clients INCLUDING all current state fees.

This is the only REAL statewide check of criminal records available to the public in New York State. The state is NO LONGER allowing individual county checks.

What is covered in the Statewide NY Criminal record search?

This is a search of the Statewide computer database of cases in the State OCA files and in most cases will include all of the following:

  • Felony and misdemeanors convictions and pending cases in all-5 boroughs of NYC are covered back to September1976.
  • On Long Island, which includes Nassau & Suffolk County, felonies and misdemeanors are covered back to 1981.
  • In the remaining counties in NY State, with the exception of Orange County, NY, the search covers felonies and most misdemeanors. The only cases not likely to appear are violations and minor misdemeanors that start and end in a town or municipal court and do not reach the county level. In almost all these counties the search covers the last 20 years. In Orange County, NY, the search covers back to 1993.

These changes allow us to offer this search to you with the quickest turnaround available and the most complete search in terms of the number of years searched. This is more than a 7-year search. In the 5-boros of NYC, the search goes back 27 years!

If a person was arrested yesterday in NYC, it will usually show up in today’s search!