In order to reduce your costs and to provide the most comprehensive search, our policy is to run a statewide check where possible and not run the county search.

However, as time is always of the essence, there are some states where we only run a state police check if there is a valid reason for doing so, or if specifically requested.

And, in some of states, the state authorities have told us that their files are far from complete, hence, one has to run both a state and a county search. It is the policy of many states to only release convictions of felonies and pending cases. Others release information on all types of cases. Each has a different policy.

The states listed as SLOW in the following list take from 1-3 weeks to respond.

There are a few other states that also allow statewide checks, but the roadblocks are such that we don’t find it useful. Some require special notarized authorizations; others take too long and some release only a slight portion of what is in their files so that it is not worth doing the STATE search.

In all cases, you have to keep in mind that none of the state repositories contain records of ALL cases on a person in that state. And, their restrictions on reporting information sometimes are such that to be prudent one should order both a statewide AND a county check on the applicant.

The following is a list of states where we can run statewide criminal record checks. In some of the states below, we also run county searches as added leads because the state files are so incomplete.

MARYLANDDistrict courts and some circuit courtsfast

Name Of State How Searched How Long State Fee
ALABAMA Statewide court system fast
ALASKA Statewide court system fast
COLORADO* Colorado Bureau of Investigation and courts fast
CONNECTICUT Proprietary Superior court database fast
DELAWARE All 3 County Criminal Courts fast
FLORIDA* Florida Department of Law Enforcement (Not complete) fast Yes
Georgia GA Bureau of Investigation fast
IOWA State Repository fast Yes
KANSAS State Repository Slow
MAINE* Maine State Police Slow
MICHIGAN State Repository fast * when there is no record. $25 state fee Yes
NEW JERSEY New Jersey State Police slow Yes
Conducted through the State Unified Court system
fast Yes
NORTH CAROLINA New Jersey State Police fast
OREGON State Police and state courts fast Yes
PENNSYLVANIA * State Police & statewide common pleas court system Courts fast. State police slow.
RHODE ISLAND State repository or Statewide Courts System fast yes
SOUTH CAROLINA State repository fast * (plus $25 state fee) yes
TENNESSEE Tennessee Bureau of Investigation fast (plus $29 state fee) yes
TEXAS Texas Department of Public Safety
(Not complete)
WASHINGTON State police and statewide District court system fast yes
WISCONSIN * Statewide Court System, plus State Department of Justice fast yes

* In these states, we automatically check the State Police (or equivalent) records.

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Those states marked with the (*) are ones in which you get an automatic statewide check when we are asked to run a criminal check in that state.